Public Hearing Notice: Corning Property Mgmt Corp Project

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing pursuant to Section 859-a of Article 18-A of the New York General Municipal Law (the “Act”) will be held by the St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency (the “SLCIDA”) on the 11th day of June, 2014 at 11:00 o’clock AM, local time, at the Town of DeKalb offices, 2907 County Route 17, DeKalb Junction, New York, in connection with the following matters: 

   Corning Property Management Corp., (the “Company”), has submitted an application (the “Application”) to the SLCIDA requesting the SLCIDA’s assistance with a certain project (the “Project”) consisting of: (i) the acquisition by the SLCIDA of a leasehold interest to approximately 1 acre of real property located at 334 County Route 16, Canton, New York 13617, Town of DeKalb, St. Lawrence County, New York (the “Town”), (herein, the “Land”), (ii) the construction and operation on the Land to include structures of approximately 23,500 square feet and 7,500 square feet (the “Improvements”), (iii) the acquisition in and around the Land and Improvements and of certain items of equipment and other tangible personal property and equipment (the “Equipment” and, collectively with the Land and the Improvements, the “Facility”), and (iv) the lease of the Facility to the Company pursuant to a straight-lease transaction as defined within the Act.  

   SLCIDA is contemplating providing financial assistance to the Company with respect to the Project (the “Financial Assistance”) in the form of:  (i) a sales and use tax exemption for purchases and rentals related to the acquisition, construction and equipping of the Facility, and (ii) a partial real property tax abatement on the improved value of the project through a Payment in Lieu of Taxes Agreement. 

   A representative of the SLCIDA will be at the above-stated time and place to present a copy of the Company’s Application (including a cost-benefit analysis) and hear and accept written and oral comments from all persons with views in favor of or opposed to or otherwise relevant to the proposed Financial Assistance. 

   Written statements provided to the SLCIDA regarding the project will also become part of the record of public hearing.  Written statements should be addressed to: SLCIDA, 19 Commerce Lane, Suite 1, Canton, New York 13617, and must be received by the SLCIDA no later than 11:00 o’clock AM on June 11, 2014 to be included in the record of public hearing.


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