Brewing Equipment for Sale

The St. Lawrence County IDA is seeking buyers of certain Micro-Brewery Equipment ("Brewery") from the former St. Lawrence Brewing Company, located at 19 Commerce Lane, Canton, NY.  The Agency is in possession of the facility, equipment and miscellaneous items, ("Brewery"), and is seeking proposals for the purchase of the Brewery Equipment and its removal from our building in the Canton Industrial Park.  Offers to purchase all of the equipment are being sought for individual and small lots.  The sale will be held in two rounds.  The first round will be for the following three lots.  Round two will be the remaining items. 

The first round consists of the following, sold individually: 1.)  Ertel Alsop Filter (Bev ExPRESS Model BW-49 sheet, plate filter press with (100) 1 micron and (200) 5 micron filters along wtih various fittings.  Serial No. 1021-BW);  2.) Cask Canning System with Feed Table (5-head automatic canner, including filler/seamer, shaker table, post-fill rinse/dryer, accumulation table.  Serial No. ACS13-15-06); 3.) Plain and Preprinted 16 ounce cans (Remax Beverage 16 ounce cans approximately 10,070 plan and 135,430 preprinted, 145,500 units.  Remax Beverage Plain Silver Caps approximately 450 sleeves of 540 units each 243,000 pieces). 

The Agency will also entertain proposals for lease to own of the equipment for operations within St. Lawrence County.  Bidders interested in moving the equipment to an out-of-St. Lawrence County location will need to purchase the equipment outright (no leases of the quipment will be available for non-St. Lawrence County locations).  

The sale will take place on site October 12, 2017 beginning at 10:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time.  Buyers are to be prepared to leave a 10% non-refundable deposit at the time of the sale.  The balance to be paid and purchases removed within ten days of the sale.  

For those that can't be on site for the sale, offers and deposits can be made ahead of time, until 3:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, October 11, 2017.  The  hightest of these early offers will be the starting price of the sale.  

Potential Buyers are encouraged to schedule an inspection of the items to ensure they fully understand what they are offering to buy.  Please contact the Contracting Officer, Richard Williams,, or 315-379-9806 for further information or to schedule an appointment.  

St. Lawrence County IDA reserves the right to reject any and all offers and waive informalities if, in its opinion, such action is in the best interest of the Agency.  

A.A/E.E.O.,M,F,V,H Employer

Click the links below to view the equipment:

Bev ExPRESS Model BW-49 Filter- SLCIDA seeks buyers of St. Lawrence Brewing Co. Equip

Plain & Preprinted Cans - SLCIDA seeks buyers of former St. Lawrence Brewing Co.

Cask Canning Line - SLCIDA seeks buyers of former St. Lawrence Brewing Co. Equipment


December 7, 2018 Meeting Notice

The St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency is scheduled to meet on Friday, December 7, 2018 at 8:30 AM at the Ernest J. LaBaff Industrial Building, 19 Commerce Lane, Canton.  Meetings of the St. Lawrence County IDA - Local Development Corporation, St. Lawrence County IDA - Civic Development Corporation and St. Lawrence County Property Development Corporation will immediately follow.