RVRDA Projects Submission

The SLRVRA has moved closer to collecting information from the public on projects that may be assisted by their programs.

Until its own website is fully functional, potential applicants and visitors to www.slrvra.com will be temporarily redirected to a SLRVRA page housed on the IDA's Local Devleopment Corporation Website.  By visiting www.slrvra.com and clicking on the questionnaire link, potential applicants will have an opportunity to provide information about themselves, their projects and the assistance which they are seeking.

The information provided will be collected by the St. Lawrence County IDA and the SLRVRA, and will be used to build a database of potential projects, initiatives and applicants.  The SLRVRA is in the process of determining how to best utilize its resources and will use this site and questionnaire to gain a better understanding of the range of projects that are currently on the drawing board in the County.

SLRVRA Chairman Robert McNeil described the website and questionnaire as an early step toward putting the SLRVRA's resources to work in the region.  "This is our way of reaching out and giving the public and potential partners a forum for getting their ideas and proposals to us in an orderly, efficient manner."  McNeil added, "Whether a project is just about ready to go, or in the very early stages, we want to know.  We want to see what is out there and find ways to creatively and proactively address the barriers that may be preventing projects from moving forward."


May 7, 2019 Expand to US Workshop

This full-day event will introduce Canadian companies to expansion opportunities in St.