2016 IDALDC Meeting Information

2016 SLCIDA-LDC Resolutions:

LDC-16-02-01: Authorizing A Line Of Credit Of Up To $1,500,000 to Curran Renewable Energy, LLC
LDC-16-02-02: Annual Review of Disposition of Real Property Guidelines and 2015 Report of Property
LDC-16-02-03: Authorizing Modifications to IDALDC FY2015 Budget
LDC-16-03-04: Review of Compensation, Reimbursement and Attendance
LDC-16-03-05: Review of Whistleblower Policy and Procedures
LDC-16-03-06: Review of Defense and Indemnification 
LDC-16-03-07: Revisions to Code of Ethics
LDC-16-03-08: Accepting FY2015 SLCIDA-LDC Audit
LDC-16-03-09: Authorizing A Loan Of Up To $100,000 To L.K.R. Enterprises, Inc. 
LDC-16-06-10: Authorizing A Loan Of Up To $30,000 To Swift Labs, LLC.
LDC-16-06-11: Authorizing A Loan Of Up To $750,000 To SLC IDA
LDC-16-06-12: Authorizing Funds Through The RVRDA's 2016 CDEIP
LDC-16-08-13: Authorizing an Allocation of RVRDA CDEIP Funds up to $18,000 for J&L Abatement & Demolition
LDC-16-09-14: Accepting FY2017 Tentative Budget
LDC-16-09-15: Authorizing Funds Through The St. Lawrence River Valley Redevelopment Agency 
LDC-16-09-16: Annual Review of Procurement Policy
LDC-16-09-17: Authorizing Amendments to the Conflicts of Interest Policy
LDC-16-09-18: Adopting Credit Card Usage Policy
LDC-16-10-19: Approving & Adopting FY2017 Final Budget and Authorizing the CEO to Make Line Item Changes 
LDC-16-11-20: Authorizing Funds through the RVRDA (Blastboss, Inc. Project)
LDC-16-11-21: Authorizing Funds through the RVRDA (Kingston Pharma, LLC Project)
LDC-16-12-22: Annual Review of Investment Policy and Authorization of Depositories
LDC-16-12-23: Authorizing a Loan in an Amount of up to $218,160 to Atlantic Testing Laboratories
LDC-16-12-24: Authorizing a Loan of up to $150,000 to Brent Eggleston DBA Eggleston Trucking

2016 SLCIDA-LDC Meeting Minutes:

2016-0218 Meeting Minutes
2016-0325 Meeting Minutes
2016-0519 Meeting Minutes
2016-0629 Meeting Minutes
2016-0817 Meeting Minutes
2016-0915 Meeting Minutes
2016-0930 Meeting Minutes
2016-1020 Meeting Minutes
2016-1117 Meeting Minutes
2016-1215 Meeting Minutes


Employment Listing: Business Development Specialist

The St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency is accepting applications from qualified applicants for the position of Business Development Specialist.    Apply with letter, resume and application by close of business on Friday, January 12, 2018.  Click HERE for additional information and click HERE for Application.