2019 Meeting Information

2019 Resolutions

IDA-19-01-01:  Accepting Application (DBA: From The Heart Cabinetry), Describing the Forms of Financial Assistance to be Contemplated, and Accepting and Adopting SEQRA
IDA-19-02-02:  Authorizing a Sales and Use Tax Exemption, Lease Agreement, and a Partial Real Property Tax Abatement through a PILOT Agreement for Criscitello & Criscitello/dba From The Heart Cabinetry
IDA-19-02-03:  Amending an Agreement with DANC for Technical Assistance with J&L Rehab Project - Phase 2 Services
IDA-19-02-04:  Amending Assistance to AmTech Yarns, Inc. 
IDA-19-03-05:  Annual Review of Compensation, Reimbursement and Attendance Policy
IDA-19-03-06:  Annual Review of Whistleblower Policy
IDA-19-03-07:  Annual Review of Defense and Indemnification Policy
IDA-19-03-08:  Annual Review of Code of Ethics Policy
IDA-19-03-09:  Accepting FY2018 Audit
IDA-19-03-10:  2019 Review of Disposition of Real Property and 2018 Report of Property
IDA-19-03-11:  Authorizing Modifications to the FY2018 Budget
IDA-19-03-12:  Initial Resolution for Community Preservation Partners: Issuance of up to $18 million in Multi-Family Housing Revenue Bonds
IDA-19-03-13:  Initial Resolution for Corning Property Management Corporation: Acceping Application, Scheduling Public Hearing and SEQRA
IDA-19-03-14:  Amending Resolution for Corning Property Management Corporation: 2018 Expansion Project
IDA-19-03-15:  Support for the Continued Operation of the NYS Correctional Facilities in St. Lawrence County

2019 Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2019
February 21, 2019


May 7, 2019 Expand to US Workshop

This full-day event will introduce Canadian companies to expansion opportunities in St.