2017 Meeting Information

2017 St. Lawrence County IDA Resolutions

IDA-17-02-01: Disposition of Real Property Policy (Annual Review) and 2016 Report of Property
IDA-17-03-02: Annual Review of Compensation, Reimbursement and Attendance Policy
IDA-17-03-03:  Annaul Review of Whistleblower Policy and Procedures
IDA-17-03-04:  Annual Review of Defense and Indemnification Policy
IDA-17-03-05:  Annual Review of Code of Ethics
IDA-17-03-06:  Accepting FY2016 Audit
IDA-17-03-07:  Authorizing Modifications to the FY2016 Budget
IDA-17-03-08:  Authorizing Application to the USDA Rural Business Development Grant Program to Benefit LC Drives
IDA-17-03-09:  Accepting Application Submitted by New York Power tools, Inc. 
IDA-17-03-10:  Authorizing CEO to Amend an Agreement with DANC for Engineering and Redevelopment Planning
Assistance for the J&L Facility
IDA-17-03-11:  Authorizing the Undertaking of Financial Assistance to Canexsys Networks Inc. 
IDA-17-04-12:  Authorizing Change Order to the Construction Contract for Newton Falls Rail Rehabilitation
IDA-17-04-13:  Authorizing MA&NRR as Agent for Newton Falls Branch Rail Rehabiliation - NBRC & FRA Grants
IDA-17-05-14:  Accepting the Provisions of a Grant from the NYSDOT for the Benefit of Benson Mines, Inc. 
IDA-17-05-15:  Authorizing the Adoption of Post-Compliance Procedures for all Tax-Exempt Bond Issuances

2017 St. Lawrence County IDA Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2017 Meeting Minutes
March 28, 2017 Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes


May 18, 2017 Meeting Notice

The St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency is scheduled to meet on Thursday, May 18th at 8:30 AM at the Ernest J. LaBaff Industrial Building, 19 Commerce Lane, Canton.  Meetings of the St. Lawrence County IDA - Local Development Corporation and St. Lawrence County IDA - Civic Development Corporation will immediately follow.