2016 Meeting Information

2016 SLCIDA Resolutions:

IDA-16-02-01: 2016 Review of Disposition of Real Property Guidelines and 2015 Report of Property
IDA-16-02-02: Authorizing Modifications to the SLCIDA FY2015 Budget
IDA-16-02-03: Amendment to Curran Renewable Energy, LLC Series 2007 Industrial Development Revenue Bonds
IDA-16-02-04: Authorizing Construction Contract for Newton Falls Branch Rail Rehabilitation
IDA-16-03-05: Review of Compensation, Reimbursement and Attendance
IDA-16-03-06: Review of Whistleblower Policy and Procedures
IDA-16-03-07: Review of Defense and Indemnification
IDA-16-03-08: Revisions to Code of Ethics
IDA-16-03-09: Accepting FY2015 SLCIDA Audit
IDA-16-04-10: Authorizing Execution and Delivery of Mortgage Indenture and Security Agreement: Butternut Assets, LLC
IDA-16-05-11: Authorizing Application For Funds Through The National Grid Brownfield Redevelopment Assistance Program
IDA-16-05-12: Authorizing Application For Grant & Loan Funds Through The NC Redevelopment Fund G&L Programs
IDA-16-05-13: Authorizing Change Order To The Construction For Newton Falls Branch Rail Rehabilitaion
IDA-16-06-14: Standard Workday Reporting Resolution
IDA-16-06-15: Authorizing Change Order To The Construction Contract For Newton Falls Branch Rail Rehabiliation
IDA-16-06-16: Authorizing Revisions To A Policy Regarding The Recapture Of Project Benefits
IDA-16-06-17: Authorizing and Adopting A Uniform Project Evaluation Criteria Policy And An Amended Application
IDA-16-06-18: Authorizing Borrowing Of Funds From RVRDA/SLCIDA-LDC
IDA-16-08-19: Authorizing Borrowing of Funds from Development Authority of the North Country (DANC)
IDA-16-08-20: Authorizing CEO to Amend Tech Services Agreement with DANC for J&L Facility
IDA-16-08-21: Support of Fort Drum as Preferred Site for East Coast Missile Defense Agency Ground-Based Interceptor
IDA-16-08-22: Accepting Application from St. Lawrence Soyway Company, LLC and Authorizing a Public Hearing
IDA-16-09-23: Authorizing Borrowing of Funds for Newton Falls Rail Rehabilitation
IDA-16-09-24: Authorizing MANRR as Agent for Newton Falls Branch Rail Rehabilitation - NBRC Grant
IDA-16-09-25: Accepting FY2017 Tentative Budget
IDA-16-09-26: Authorizing Investment of Funds into Clarkson's Damon Hall Rehabilitation
IDA-16-09-27: Selecting a Company to Provide Office Supplies
IDA-16-09-28: Authorizing Disposal of Vehicle and Purchase of New Vehicle
IDA-16-09-29: Annual Review of Procurement Policy
IDA-16-09-30: Authorizing Amendments to the Conflict of Interest Policy
IDA-16-09-31: Authorizing Agreements By & Between Clifton-Town, SLCIDA, DANC & SLC Re: J&L Superfund Site 
IDA-16-10-32: Approving and Adopting FY2017 Budget & Authorizing the CEO to Make Line Item Changes
IDA-16-10-33: Authorizing Change Order to the Construction for Newton Falls Branch Rail Rehabilitation Project
IDA-16-11-34: Final Authorizing Resolution: Industrial Revenue Bonds for St. Lawrence Soyway, LLC
IDA-16-11-35: Authorizing Participation in a FY2017 EPA Brownfield Assessment Coalition
IDA-16-11-36: Authorizing a Commitment of Funds to Drum Country Business
IDA-16-12-37: Annual Review of Investment Policy & Authorization of Depositories
IDA-16-12-38: Authorizing Resolution:  Atlantic Testing Laboratories, LTD (Geoprobe Drilling Equipment)

2016 SLCIDA Meeting Minutes:

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2016-0817 Meeting Minutes
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March 26, 2019 Meeting

The St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 8:30 AM at the Ernest J. LaBaff Industrial Building, 19 Commerce Lane, Canton.  Meetings of the St. Lawrence County IDA - Local Development Corporation, St. Lawrence County IDA - Civic Development Corporation and St. Lawrence County Property Development Corporation will immediately follow.