2017 Meeting Information

2017 Resolutions:  St. Lawrence County IDA - CDC

CDC-17-02-01: Disposition of Real Property Policy (Annual Review) and 2016 Report of Property
CDC-17-02-02: Authorizing SEQRA for Clarkson University
CDC-17-02-03: Authorizing Issuance Of Up To $36,000,000 in Tax-Exempt Revenue Bonds for Clarkson University
CDC-17-03-04:  Annual Review of Compensation, Reimbursement and Attendance
CDC-17-03-05:  Annual Review of Whistleblower Policy and Procedures
CDC-17-03-06:  Annual Review of Defense and Indemnification
CDC-17-03-07:  Annual Review of Code of Ethics
CDC-17-03-08:  Accepting FY2016 Audit
CDC-17-03-09:  Authorizing Modifications to the FY2016 Budget
CDC-17-04-10:  Final Authorizing Resolution: Clarkson University
CDC-17-05-11:  Authorization to Secure Public Deposits that Exceed FDIC Coverage
CDC-17-05-12:  Authorizing a Policy for Post-Issuance Compliance for IRS Bonds
CDC-17-09-13:  Authorizing Amendments to the Procurement Policy
CDC-17-09-14:  Annual Review of Conflicts of Interest Policy
CDC-17-09-15:  Authorizing Amendments to the Monetary Transfers Policy
CDC-17-09-16:  Authorizing Amendments to the Electronic Technology - Usage and Monitoring Policy
CDC-17-09-17:  Accepting FY2018 Tentative Budget
CDC-17-10-18:  Adopting FY2018 Budget
CDC-17-12-19:  Annual Review of Investment Policy & Authorization of Depositories

2017 Meeting Minutes: St. Lawrence County IDA - CDC


March 26, 2019 Meeting

The St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 8:30 AM at the Ernest J. LaBaff Industrial Building, 19 Commerce Lane, Canton.  Meetings of the St. Lawrence County IDA - Local Development Corporation, St. Lawrence County IDA - Civic Development Corporation and St. Lawrence County Property Development Corporation will immediately follow.